Forums of the REA

Forums are organized to help the REA sustain its focus on the three major contexts for religious education, as delineated in the three Forum titles:

Three REA members serve on each Forum Coordination Team. Of these three, one is designated as Chair, one is the Forum representative for the Call for Papers Committee, and one is the Forum representative for the Editorial Board of Religious Education.

The task of the coordination team will be to promote the effective functioning of the forums through their input in Association programming matters as outlined in the programming section.

The three representatives of each forum help to facilitate programming related to their forum within the overall theme of the annual meeting. Forums may also organize national or regional events apart from the annual meeting. The forum coordination teams are responsible for any special activities of the forum occurring beyond scheduled Research Interest Groups, Resourcing Groups, and Colloquia at the annual meeting and for activities beyond the annual meeting.

More details are available in the the document Forum Coordination Teams: Membership and Responsibilities.