Task Forces

Task Forces are groups who agree to stay together and to continue to work on certain issues over a period of several years. They meet as part of the Annual Meeting, but they also conduct their work in a variety of ways during the year.  Presenters for the Task Force sessions at the Annual Meeting are chosen by each task force or by conveners of the sessions.  New task forces may be initiated by request of members. (see Bylaws IX.1.c)

Current Task Forces:

•  Black Experience

•  History

•  Imagination

•  Peace & Justice
Explores religious education as work for justice and a just peace.

•  Senior Scholars
Senior members devoted to research and advocacy on the state and future of religious education. The first gathering in November 2013  discussed focus, scope and procedures. Open to any and all members who self describe as “Seniors in the Field.”

•  Science & Technology
Explores new scientific advances and technological innovations in relation to the discipline of religious education.

•  Schools
Explores the ways that schools can be an ecological support of all religious traditions, and how they can be a place and vehicle for growing intellectually probing, critically discerning, and spiritually oriented souls and citizens.